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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  February 7, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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right back.
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. a major story, three police officers shot overnight. investigators have just wrapped up a news conference on the manhunt that's underway. >> a roof collapses while firefighters are inside a home
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trying to battle an early morning fire. how they coped and if there were any victims. >> breaking news from vallejo. police have confirmed they are investigating a violent home invasion. >> also a bold crime in the south bay that involves an escapee and a police van. mornings on 2 starts now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. welcome. >> i'm tori campbell. it's thursday february 7th. >> we have breaking news we have been following since 4:30. now we know three police officers who were shot overnight in riverside county in southern california, were ambushed at a stop right. the man accused of shooting them a former police officer already suspected of a double homicide. brian flores. >> reporter: we are following this news right now. very tense situation in the --
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los angeles area. now it has expanded to even san diego. now the latest we are hearing is that the suspect, his wallet was found in san diego. we understand that his wallet that contained his badge, and identification was found. we want to go to video that we got earlier. this is new video of the manhunt for the man. this is in riverside. this is in corona. there was a large police presence because that was his last location from early this morning. we understand that officers followed him in his truck and when they approached the car he opened fire and both officers took cover but the latest is that one is now dead, another is in critical condition. now he is a very armed and dangerous man. you can see the latest picture of him here. he is six feet tall, 270- pounds, black hair and brown eyes. we understand that he understand served in afghanistan and is a trained sniper so very dangerous.
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over the weekend he was initially accused of killing a former assistant woman's basketball coach, there on the left. her father is randy quan a former retired police captain. the other victim is keith lawrence, that is monica's fiance. he was a former public service officer at usc. he apparently wrote a long letter about his hatred of the lapd after he was fired. in that he said very graphic language, such thing as he would do warfare to those in the lapd uniform. some of the officers that are mentioned in the letter are under guarded police protection this morning. we will have more information on this very fluid situation coming up as the newscast continues. for now brian flores. >> overnight news fr jose, investigators are busy
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searching for the cause of an early morning house fire. a traffic camera took these pictures moments after the fire started. we are live from san jose's rose garden neighborhood with the latest. >> reporter: the fire did a lot of damage, a number on this house that you see behind me. you can see where that black is, where smoke damaged the outside of the house. windows are all boarded up. inside when the boards weren't up you can see it was just gutted inside. the roof actually caved in. i want to show you how close it came to the other homes. these houses were threatened. two houses down firefighters were spraying the roof of another neighbor's home. now this is cell phone video of what the fire looked like earlier. about 25 firefighters arrived found the heaviest flames were in the back of the house.
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the roof collapsed burned holes in the floor. firefighters have backed off. people in the neighborhood worked quickly to make sure neighbors were safe. >> the neighbor who was next door in their 80s and one was handicapped. if it caught to that house they would be in trouble so we knocked on their do. they never did answer but they are okay. >> reporter: nobody was home at the time. neighbors said that there used to be renters here but they moved out because of termite damage so contractors had been working on the house. the homeowners did arrive on the scene this morning. they were to upset to speak to me. you can imagine this was a surprise to them and they were very much in shock. one of them just shook her head and then they just drove away. the fire is under investigation. very fortunate news that nobody was living here. coming up at eight you will
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hear from a neighbor who thought it was his home that was on fire and we will tell you what he did. reporting live from san jose. ktvu channel 2news. >> thank you. happening now a senate committee is holding a hearing on the direction of education in this country. they are discussing what has been learned from different state is is applications. a new state report found that at least eight school districts misused money specifically for school lunches for low income children. the san francisco school district had to pay back nearly $400,000. the district failed to report it spent some of the money on trash removal and pest control. california is ordering the los angeles school district to repay $158 million.
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administrators diverted money to pay for sprinklers and salaries of employees at a district television station. investigators say that the misuse of school lunch money is widespread. >> the california university system seeing more applications from african american students. the la times reports about 17, 6oo applied for fall 2013. that's up 6% over last year. school officials credit an outreach program called super sunday. it was launched back in 2006. as part of that program school officials visit african american churches to talk to mentor students about admission requirements. students at a stockton high school claim they are victims of censorshim. a reporter wrote about the safety plan at bear creek high school, it had the headline how safe is bc? claims the school principal took the paper saying she didn't want the article to
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upset or worry other students. she said she only wanted to check with the school district before having that paper given outs. now the school said that paper will now go out to students. >> want to check in with sal starting with a look at the toll plaza. >> reporter: there is a crowd there as we will see right now as we go to the live picture. you can see it's better than normal on this thursday. i'm not sure what's going on. we checked up the road to make sure nobody is delayed in a crash that's diverting traffic but it looks like an eight minute delay before getting to the lights. no major problems. we are looking at the drive in san francisco, north and southbound 101 moderately heavy but nothing major. car fire san mateo bridge eastbound 92. it's affecting traffic westbound as people are slowing to take a look. let's go to steve. >> our system is moving in for some areas to the east and
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south. its been mostly clear but the clouds are rolling in. it's not a very strong system, it's a cold one. we have had some rain, napa, marin. up toward santa rosa. about a quarter, three quarters of an inch but that's been to the north. system doesn't have a lot of moisture so it'll only be hit and miss. for those who maybe have travel plans to boston or new york you may want to wait it out. a huge system will come out and they are looking for two to three feet of snow. just to give you a heads up. this system, then we will break and then the next part rotates in, that's the cold air.  30s and 40s on the temperatures, some of them, this will go up, some of the cloud cover starting to comen. napa is 11 degrees warmer. there is the system that will give us a lot of clouds and a little bit of rain. winter weather starts at 10:00 a.m. not a lot of snow but the wind
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is up over the passes and some of the ridges and then snow source showers on friday. for us today highs in the low 50s to the north or upper 40s and then 50s to the south as clouds increase. some rain but some sun mix later on and then really cold tonight, tomorrow, coldest area round noon on friday. i mean it's going to struggle tomorrow. saturday will be sunny but windy and cold, breezes weigh, cool, warmer sunday, monday, tuesday, looking sunny and spring like. >> we are following the breaking news from vallejo. police at the scene of a home invasion. it happened on mcdougal street. we have news chopper 2 over the scene. these are live pictures you are looking at. the location, police officer at the door taking pictures of this scene. we have very little information at the moment but the ktvu news crew is headed there right now. we will bring you a live report from this scene of a home invasion in vallejo coming up.
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>> happening right now defense secretary is set to testify before the senate armed services committee about the deadly attack on the united states consulate in libya. these are pictures right now from the room where that hearing will happen and senators want to question him about the defense department's response to the attack. there has been criticism about a lack of security at the consulate. four americans were killed in the attack, including the ambassador. and budget cuts have forced the department of defense to cut the number of air craft carriers it has in the persian gulf from two to one. plans for the truman to deploy to the gulf later this week have been canceled. the out going defense secretary has been critical of the budge cuts, saying a reduce military presence around the world affects the ability of the united states to respond quickly to a crisis.
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>> the major questions have to be answered in washington after iran released this video claiming to be from a united states spy drone. what the defense department is saying. >> it's nice to have the sense that if things really went belly up we can get out. >> a glimmer of hope in one of the areas hit hardest by the housing market meltdown. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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that are gluten free. my guys are crazy for chocolate chex and honey nut chex. for me, it's cinnamon. it means a lot to be able to give them something that's good for them, that also puts smiles on their faces. 'cause i really love those smiles. we're the harris family. and we love chex. [ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook. . systems moving in is not much rain but a little bit. only the 4th one this year. only three in january. down in monterey clouds are increasing, look for colder temperatures to arrive tonight along with scattered showers. >> welcome back. john brennan, the president's nominee to head the cia is facing a committee confirmation
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hearing today. right now there he is, he is the president's counter terrorism advisor. he worked for the cia for 25 years. senators will ask him about several cia actions from waterboarding to using armed drone strikes on suspected terrorists. new this morning iran is broadcasting video that it claims it got from a united states spy drone. i know they are trying to confirm the report but so far the defense department is tight lipped. >> reporter: the press office said it can't answer my questions right now. we asked the department of defense if it believes the video that iran is showing is real. we asked if it believes americans here at home or troops overseas are at risk and still no response. check out the footage that's airing on iran's state tv. it's claimed to be from the cia spy drone they captured in 2011. it shows a airport and city in
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afghanistan. this all comes as the senate intelligence committee will receive a classified document today. some members of congress are angry saying the white house targeted americans overseas without congressional oversight. reports showed two americans killed in 2011 were working for al-qaeda. we expect to learn more in the next hour, senators can question the defense secretary who is at a hearing this hour. also the white house spokesperson is meeting the media right now. live in washington. >> will iran's leader has rejected holding nudge negotiation was the united states. he rejected all direct negotiations. he said american threats don't frighten iran. however iran will take part in nuclear negotiations involving six world powers that include the united states. >> new, the president wrapped
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up his remarking at the national prayer breakfast in washington dc just about 45 minutes ago. the president, first lady and vice president all tended the event. its been a tradition for presidents to attend the prayer breakfast dating back to the 1950s. the president said he enjoys how people from different faiths and different political parties all come together for this event. >> i do worry sometimes that as soon as we leave the prayer breakfast everything we have been talking about, the whole time at the prayer breakfast seems to be forgotten. on the same day of the prayer breakfast. >> the president is now on his way to virginia to join house democrats at their yearly retreat. the president met yesterday with senate democrats at their retreat. several news outlets want to open up secret hearings investigating the homicide of chandr a levi.
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she was a government intern found in a park in 2002. hearings have been held over the past few weeks behind closed doors. investigators are reportedly looking in to if an illegal immigrant convicted of killing her may be innocent. another closed door hearing is scheduled to take place today in washington dc. the associate press is petition the court to open the proceedings. >> police pittsburgh have identified two more suspects, wanted in the connection of a deadly gas station shooting. investigators previously named a 22-year-old brian fox as a suspect. now they say a 24-year-old robert grant and 19-year-old demetria thomas were also involved. they targeted a 20-year-old timothy smith last tuesday at a unical station. it's thought they did spend time in oakland and san francisco and police say they should be considered armed and dangerous. violence hurt that victory
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parade celebrating the ravens win. a teen was stabbed to death, two were hurt. the first police reported the stabbings weren't related to the parade but now they say the victims did go to the event. there are no suspects right now. the mother of the teen who was killed is wondering if the investigation would have been different if they had made the parade connection earlier. >> the san francisco city attorney is suing the landlord of a run down apartment building that we first told you about last month. the building is located on turk street. three weeks ago we went inside and saw showers that didn't drain, rotting pipes and lots of mold. the landlord said that he wants to correct his mistakes and bring the building up to code. he said he already met with the city attorney to work out a timeline for the repairs. the recovery of the housing market is being felt in even the hardest hit part of the bay
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area. eastern contra costa, home prices fell by as much as 60% from their 2007 peak. that left many homeowners owing more for their property than they paid for it. now there are glimmers of hope. one couple just sold a rental home for 25% more than they expected and they admit they were surprised and relieved. >> it's nice to have the sense that if things really -- went belly up we could get out. >> the property was on the market for just five-days . realtors credit fewer foreclosures and improving economy and more wanting to buy their own homes again. a good time. >> all right. steve said don't jump up and down and get to excited but the weeks of dry weather may be ending. steve is coming back.
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when the rain, looks like its starting to sneak in right now. >> yeah. a little rain on the lens. the radar making some -- the raiders making changes to the coliseum. what's being done. >> and right now the san mateo bridge, pretty busy traffic. why something on the other received the freeway is cause canning a big delay westbound. q
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. a bartender lucky to be alive. that suv crashed through his restaurant. he jumped just in time out of the way. the bartender only suffered a couple of cuts and bruises. the driver of the car a 70-year- old woman said she lost control. i agree with that. she walked away with no major injuries. >> the oakland raiders have a new game plan so they can try to avoid the dreaded home game
7:25 am
blackouts. they say it's reducing the seating ability of the coliseum by nearly 10,000. they plan to block off part of the third deck. the ceo said that there ensure at least 85% of the seating are sold so local games can be broadcast on local tv. the san francisco giants will host the finals of the world baseball classic at at&t park in march but they are worried about the health of their players taking part in the tournament. there are nine key giants, three players of particular concern -- the giants worried if they can hold up after a long world series season last year. the a's have won player in the classic. >> sal is back. can you help those cars on the bridge? >> i will try. one of the things i will tell you is that as we go to the live look at the san mateo
7:26 am
bridge eastbound, that's going toward haywood, there was a car fire but they have removed it. the fire department got out rather quickly. this happened at about 6:45 so more than a half hour ago and the traffic is recovering but still is slower than you would like going out to the high rice. one of the things we want to tell you is the dunbarton isn't that bad or the bay bridge as we look at the live picture. that is backed up for about a 15 to 20 minute delay, usual, no major problems on to the upper deck. we talked about the san mateo bridge that traffic eight minute drive. northbound 101, san jose slowing all the way up into sunnyvale . >> thank you. system is moving in. thank you. starting to rain parts of san francisco, light -- nevado, roads are wet.
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napa and santa rosa reporting some rain. quarter inch much . slide south. pick up in marin and just off from san francisco approaching the sunset direct. today the clouds roll in though it's mostly clear in san jose. the big news is that temperatures are really going to drop off. 30s, 40s, by the time we get to friday night and saturday i think we will see upper 20s, lower 30s. two pieces of the system, one there, late morning, then off stream crescent city, that will swing in tonight, tomorrow. that has the cold air. 50s on the highs today and tomorrow and unsettled but colder and breezy. some light rain. very cold saturday morning, breezy, sunday, monday, tuesday. >> a bay area police search still going on for a man who escaped while being arrested. how he was able to get away even though he was handcuffed.
7:28 am
>> and new information about that home invasion this morning in vallejo. how many people were hurt and who the police are look for. >> and northern california tradition about to start. a live report from pebble beach.
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we want to you update you on the breaking news. police confirmed two us that three people were shot in a home invasion. it happened on mcdougal street around 3:50. investigators say two men forced their way into the home. a woman in her 20s was shot in the hand. her brother also in his 20s was shot in the face and is now being treated at a hospital. their mother was also hit by gun fire. these are live pictures over the home where the invasion happened. you can see the police cruiser still outside and a few people outside as well and right now the two suspects in this case have not been caught. they are still, police are still looking for them. coming up in the next half hour, we will have a live report from the scene. san jose police are looking for a probation violater who escaped from police while being
7:32 am
arrested. officers picked up anthony sanchez yesterday afternoon. because he is a large man police used two sets of handcuffs linked together. police say while they were doing paperwork sanchez moved the handcuffs, hopped in to the drivers seat of a unmarked police van and drove off. the van was later found. >> concern you? he was wanted. >> i have a bat. i'm sure i can take care of us. >> reporter: police say that sanchez is wanted on drug related warrants. he is 32 years old. he is latino, 5'8'' to 5'10'', 200 to 275 pounds. he was least seen in black sweats and a gray sweatshirt. police in fairfield are helping the fbi and the justice department investigate the killing of a 13-year-old girl. police say the death of the
7:33 am
girl -- was a homicide but they aren't saying how she died. her body was found on friday the day after she was reported missing. a community vigil is planned form night. >> it's a first in the kevin collins case from 30 years ago. police are naming a person of interest in the disappearance of the 10-year-old. they say that person of interest was wayne jackson. he used at least four other names including dan ferrian. he died in 2008. he had a history of kidnapping and molestation in san francisco and in canada in the years before kevin collins geared in 1984. >> when we heard his background i just got chills. , you know? in a way he got away with murder. he never had to face the court of law with almost anything he did apparently. he faces a higher court.
7:34 am
>> investigators developed new leads in the case and that triggered a search of jackson's old house. that search turned up what appeared to be animal bones. now police are turning to the public, trying to find new leads in the case. make sure you stay here with ktvu news for all the continuing coverage of the collins case. we will bring you the latest developments on the air and online. also new this morning an autopsy is planned today for the alabama gunman who held a little boy hostage for almost a week. the suspect was killed friday when authorities stormed the underground bunker. authorities say they found two explosive device inside that bunker after the raid. the evidence is still being collected at that suspect's property. authorities say that no more explosives have been found. >> we are getting a look this morning of san jose mayor's
7:35 am
state of the city address. the speech will start at 7:00 p.m. and it'll focus on crime prevention, pension reform and the economy. he talked to us about the possibility of asking voters next year to pass an increase on the sales tax. >> san jose is doing well, silicon valley is leading the country out of the recession. we are optimistic, seeing good job growth. we have a lot of work to do. we have billions of dollars that we still have to pay for and we need to put in the pension reforms. >> a new survey shows voters supporting tax hikes to pay for city services and higher salaries for city workers like police officers who agree to pay cuts in recent years due to budget short falls. happening now some of the world's most famous golfers and entertainers are on the practice range of pebble beach. they will tee off in less than 30 minutes. we are in monterey county where sports fans are rubbing elbows
7:36 am
with world class athletes and movie stars. have you seen any stars yet? >> reporter: we have some out here. not the actors that a lot of people come to see. this tournament attracts a lot of people who just come out for the fun of it, for the great golf, and just really to see the stars that they love. let me show you who we have right here now on the practice green out here. you have matt caine, he is a pretty serious golfer. is that -- looks like jim harbaugh. that's who he is golfing with this morning. out walking to get ready. he is again also -- we tried -- last year was his first time and he is serious about being here. have you to remember a lot of them are very serious golfers though it's obviously not their sport, they aren't invited unless they can handle themselves on these courses. we can show you who else is
7:37 am
here. bill belichick and justin verlander for you baseball fans. we expect andy garcia if you want the hollywood big names. to take you through -- this is day one. it goes four day itself you make the cut. everybody hopes to make it sunday when they will play at pebble if they make the cut. really what happens out here is that these groups of golfers rotate between three courses, this course, spy glass and pebble beach which is all -- they are all great courses. so we have sun out here. they predict rain later today. that always happens during these but a large group of fans usually comes. i want to pan over to the far side and you can see behind those gates, the crowd of people. usually there is a big crowd. they standard there -- they stand there. we are watching out on things out here because as people roll through it starts to get busy.
7:38 am
this is a special country club because the public can't play here like on the other courses so it's rieu neck time to come in and show you the course. phil mickelson called it one of his favorite courses. we will try to talk to people and bring it to you later. live. >> i was going to ask you about the weather because it has been changing some of the years you have been down there. right now it looks nice but rain? >> we he -- we have sun. we have been talking about rain. we have a crew down here talking to people who were playing yesterday and they said we all have rain gear because we know the rain will come. the last time i looked it said that maybe this afternoon so its holding out for us now. i will tell you it's very cold out here very, very cold but we are still hangingn.
7:39 am
the beautiful views, don't know if we can get them to come over. jim harbaugh just smiled at me. i will try later. we will see how that goes. >> you do -- you do a great job trying to get people. >> yeah. well, you know. we will see. >> all right. we will check back with you. here is a look at some of the famous pairings. jim harbaugh. we saw him there smiling at claudine. also matt caine, they start at 8:22 and just under an hour ; then fan favorite, bill murray starts at 9:17. >> if you drive on the richmond san ralph yoel bridge traffic delays are coming. the reason starting at eight tomorrow new toll collection equipment will be installed at the toll plaza. one lane will be closed before the toll plaza this weekend.
7:40 am
single lane closures between february 19th and march 5th may cause about 15 minute delays. several special events planned for the grand opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge but one of them is causing a big buzz already. coming up for you at 7:45a 4 pam cook will tell you about the once in a lifetime chance for you to do something just before the span opens. >> it's really cool. it sounds like a lot of fun. >> want to check in with sal, getting the update on the blue alert. >> reporter: that's right. the statewide police agencies, they monitor the mall have all been buzzing with that statewide blue alert now issued for that suspect suspected in the la shooting. all statewide police officers now are getting that blue alert which means that every single officer in california is going to be looking for or beware of what's going to go on in southern california.
7:41 am
stay with us. we have continuing coverage on what's going on there. this is now affecting the entire state. let's go out and take a look at what we have with 880 admonishment and southbound. no major problems. traffic moving along well this is -- little early for this drive. steve said it'll be breezy. the cameras moving a little bitl bit from the wind. the morning drive at the toll plaza backed up for an eight to 15 minute delay depending on the line you are in. i would say just looking at this more like 15. 15, maybe 20 if you are at the end of the line. if you are driving on the south bay drive, it's back up as you drive -- 280 also slow approaching 17. let's go to steve. >> i would believe you sal. on times. we have a bit of a sun break but this is rainbow weather. three reports coming in. tracy said i just saw 101 in
7:42 am
brisbane. looks like things are cooling down. still raining there. then as you go south we find lesser amounts but it's just starting to pick up. santa rosa, napa, kind of scattered. then over san pablo bay. marin starting to get rain. a couple reports there. san rafael. fairfax, kemp field. i know ross has had a little bit of rain. there was some and heading over the ggb. we are getting there. 30s and 40s on the temperatures and temperatures will start to go up to the south. cloud cover has been slow to reach. it's on its way. light rain, a break and then the colder air tonight, tomorrow. the coldest air at noon tomorrow. i know, noon tomorrow the coldest air. get ready. 50s on the temperatures and on the extended outlook clouds, rain, showers, colder temperatures, wind into friday but it'll be cold, windy on saturday but a little better on
7:43 am
sunday and then warmer monday, tuesday. >> thank you. caltrans trying to get out the word about its latest tool to clear snowy roads, it's called the tow plow and it looks like it's about to have an accident. you can see the trailer swings across several lanes but that is so it can spread the plug and deicer across more lanes and remove snow and ice more quickly. caltrans wants drivers to know so they don't try to pass it. you will start seeing it starting the next snow fall. coming up we will go live to southern california for an undate on the manhunt for a former la officer. and a new agreement between yahoo and google and what it'll mean for you.
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. we are tracking breaking news from southern california where there is a manhunt underway for a former lapd officer wanted for a double homicide and gunning down three police officers overnight. want to go live to reporter matt johnson who is in national city in san diego county where police there have found the suspect's wallet. >> reporter: yes. good morning to you and police are on high alert in san diego county because some of his belongings were found here in national city and and the wallet in san diego. the nature of the items found are unclear. police officers here just walked up to me. he isn't able to go on camera
7:47 am
yet but he said they were police related items and police came in and have taken them away. what we know also is that his wallet and his badge were found over near the san diego international airport. that was found by a passerby and it's confirmed through san diego police it's this suspect's wallet and badge . he is wanted in connection for the murders of a college basketball coach and her fiance in orange county. he is also wanted in corona and riverside in the shootings that happened early this morning where three officers were shot, one has died. he said in a letter he wanted revenge for being fire from la if pd in 2008. he is considered armed and extremely dangerous. chp issuing a blue alert in the state of california posting on their website and lighting up the amber alert signs with this information. suspect vehicle description is, a 2005 blue or gray nissan
7:48 am
titan with california plates and we have two plate numbers because the suspect may be switching between the plates. the first is 8d83987, the others 3x09131. the vehicle also had a ski rack on top. again his description is black, 33, six feet tall, 270 pounds, black hair and brown eyes, considered armed and dangerous. if you have any information you are encouraged to call police. i'm matt johnson live in national city. >> and do we know the connection between this suspect and the couple who was killed earlier? >> we are still learning details about that. i guess he posted some of that information on his online manifesto. it's something he wanted to clear his name -- the two
7:49 am
victims in that murder case, the fiance and the basketball coach from cal state fullerton. i think she is the daughter of someone he worked with at lapd and he wants to seek revenge for being fired. >> all right. so many strange twists and turns. thank you. matt johnson live. stocks haven't moved much since the start of the week suggest the rally that pushed the dow and s&p500 may have stalled. stocks are slipping after several weak earning reports. you can see the dow down 120. the nasdaq is down 28 and the s and p down 11. there is some optimism however after the number of new unemployment claims slipped slightly last week. new numbers just came out this morning and 366,000 people filed for initial jobless benefits. that's down 5,000 from the week before. analysts say companies hiring
7:50 am
at a modest but steady pace still. yahoo hopes to boost its bottom line by using google's advertising network. they will start showing marketing messages provided by google with content related to what users are reading. they have struggled to attract more ticessers and it gets a cut of the money from the ads. >> its going to be a party. the new bay bridge is getting very close to its grand opening pam cook is in the studio now to tell us about something you will get a chance to do for the first time. >> reporter: instead of opening to cars we will open it to people. that is the quote from the metropolitan transportation commission about the big celebration of the new span of the bay bridge. plans for people to walk across the bridge for the first time are in the works. now the party set for labor day weekend may include 10k, a half marathon, a bike ride across the bridge and of course fireworks from both san francisco and oakland.
7:51 am
now hartman studios based in richmond is going to run the event. the times reports that the same group was responsible for the giant's world series victory parade and is working on san francisco's olympic bid. it'll have to be carefully orchestrated like the big to do back in 1936 when the golden gate bridge opened for the first time. you can see people walk agriculture long taking their time. that was a relatively small crowd but in 1986 at the 50th, look at that. 800,000 people flocked to the golden gate to make the walk, only about 300,000 made it on. that was enough to flatten the normally arched span and strand people there for about four to five hours. there was no walk when the golden gate turned 75. now in our next hour of mornings on 2 we do understand that you will need a ticket to walk across the bay bridge and they will be handled differently from years past. i will talk about that in the next hour. i also have more on twitter
7:52 am
right now. >> the future of a popular oakland art festival may be in danger after a deadly shooting. it was a gun battle on the first last friday -- first friday event last week that left an 18-year-old dead, three others wounded. it happened just hours after the festival started. 10,000 people were part of that event. several city councilmembers and business owners worried it's become to big for the police to control them. other business owners say they will have a harder time staying in business if that event is either scaled back or canceled. >> investigators in sonoma have now linked this week's triple homicide to a botched marijuana deal. on tuesday sheriff deputies found the bodies of three men inside a home in forestville. investigators say that the men came to buy a large amount of marijuana and the drug deal ended in deadly gun fire. >> most of our violent crime
7:53 am
is related to marijuana, the theft of marijuana, the growing of marijuana. >> one victim was a sonoma county nat ivl e. deputies are still searching for the killers. >> several people were hurt, a cable car in san francisco suddenly jerked to a stop. the tiny little thing on the tracks out there that caused the big problem. >> should you be paid for the time you spent checking your work e-mail at home. who thinks so.
7:54 am
jwwñ [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the new fiber one caramel nut protein bar. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin.
7:55 am
. an overnight police chase in southern california ended in a fiery crash. this is what it was like along interstate 10. police say a suspected drunk driver hit a guardrail and spun out of control before the car burst into flames. officers pulled the driver from
7:56 am
the wreck, no word on his condition. seven people are hurt, one of them seriously following a cable car accident in san francisco. it happened on powell and washington streets. the cable car hit a small metal bolt that was stuck in the tracks and slammed to a halt. a man in hit 80s hit his head and was badly injured. another woman fell off the came car. it's trying to investigate where that bolt came from. >> today the apps world conference starts. for two days thousands of delegates will hear from seasoned app developers, device makers and mobile operators. it's geared to help up and coming developers how to get their ideas to market. there is a new study that shows 25% of all apps that are down loaded are never used again. a chicago police sergeant is claiming he and his co workers should be paid overtime for checking work related e-
7:57 am
mails and answering calls their bosses after hours. jeffrey allen filed a lawsuit. he claimed police officers pressured lower level officers to answer calls and e-mails but he told them not to file for overtime. now if allen's lawsuit is successful it could mean millions of dollars in back pay for him and for other officers. city officials say that they have told their officers to file for overtime pay. >> want to check in with sal. how is it looking on the bridge? >> it's a little -- i want you to look at that picture. southbound 101. golden gate bridge. it doesn't seem like its raining there now. the wind shield wipers are going. just as steve said, we will see showers today, easy for me to say. traffic is going to be affected it it's raining in your air. let's move along to the bay bridge. westbound traffic is moving
7:58 am
slowly. it's a 25 minute delay. suddenly the traffic time here has spiked up. if you are driving in san jose we have slow traffic there as well and 280 isn't a good alternate because that's getting busy. 85 not that bad if you are in the south part of the valley. let's go to steve. >> thank you. very good morning. only the 4th rain of this year. we had three in january which doesn't amount to a hill of beans but there is a little bit right now ; san bruno hills, light rain. light rain south sun and the it's definitely rainbow weather. there have been three reports already. north looking like rain is letting up. still into lake county. three quarters inch near cobb mountain. most amounts have been light. napa, sanna rosa, bodega bay. there is been some, not a lot but a little bit. you can see a little bit san rafael, larkspur, san francisco, starting to pick up right there,
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:01 am
8:02 am
8:03 am
8:04 am
that was hired in september of 2008. he served in afghanistan and as a united states navay reservist and he is a trained sniper. initially he is a accused of killing monica quan, you see
8:05 am
her. she is a former women's basketball coach and the daughter of the former police captain. he is also accused of killing her fiance who was a public service officer at usc. now this morning two police officers first confronted him at their newton division. one officer was grazed by a bullet, but later two officers were ambushed in riverside. he opened fire at them, one of them is dead and another is in critical condition. his motivation was laid automatic in a published manifesto he put online. he blames randy quan and others there the la police department for his firing. >> very tense. obviously we call this a manhunt. we are looking at all avenues to identity where he may be, where he may be going and we approach it cautionly. >> and the language is very
8:06 am
graphic in that manifesto . he said he will commit warfare on anybody in a lapd uniform. the officers mentioned are under guarded police protection and it's thought that he could be outside the riverside area. we are continuing to track this. for now live in the newsroom. >> thank you. we are also following overnight news from san jose. investigators are searching for the cause of an early morning house fire. a traffic camera took pictures of the fire just moments after it started. we are live from san jose's rose guarden neighborhood and do we know anymore about how this fire started? >> reporter: well hopefully we should soon. a firefighter said that an arson investigator is on their way and they are supposed to be here to try to figure out what caused this damage here. now the arson investigator comes out stand order in any fire investigation but some of the smoke damage on the outside of the house, the fire also
8:07 am
ended up blowing out the windows so that's why they are all boarded up. we are told that renters had moved out and the house was going through a remodel. let's go to cell phone video that a neighbor took of what the fire looked like earlier this morning. about 25 firefighters arrived on mchenry and found that the house was on fire. mostly toward the back of the house and the kitchen area. that could be the start of the fire. the flames were so strong that the roof collapsed and burned holes in the floor. firefighters had to fight from the outside. one homeowner thought it was his home that was on fire. >> i woke up when the -- firefighters were spraying water on top of my house, to keep embers off. when i looked out there was like five fire trucks and lights flashing. i grabbed my baby and ran. >> here is a look at the back side of the home looking through a hole.
8:08 am
you can see that the home is gutted and there is no longer a roof. firefighters came back out here in the last hour to check on the house to make sure there were no hot spots. again, the fire is under investigation, they are still working on a cause. the work -- work crews again were working on the house to do a remodel and just a little while ago some of those worker has come by. they didn't know that the fire had happened and we are told by a neighbor that they told the neighbor they had left all their tools inside. of course those are now destroyed. the homeowner did come here a few hours ago. i tried to speak with him but they are distraught. they wouldn't talk on camera. they said that again this was very upsetting, this was a home that they had lived in for most of their lives. they raised their children here. fortunate that nobody was home. that it was empty and that no other homes were threatened at all. reporting live from san jose.
8:09 am
>> california is the only state in the country that lets motorcycles do what is called lane splitting. that's passing cars by driving in between lanes. you have seen it. now more the first time the chp is issuing new rules on how motorcycles should do that safely. the chp guidelines say they should not try lane splitting in traffic moving faster than 30 miles an hour. the guidelines also say its riskyer at higher speeds because obviously motorcyclists have less time to react if something suddenly happens. >> little surprises. let's check in with cal sal. >> i was out here. i just went outside to check out the wet weather. it's wet in many places, wet in marin, parts of san francisco, oakland, nothing -- not major rain storm, but for driving purposes, you will see some wet
8:10 am
weather. now it's strange because it's not really wet -- is it? i see some rain drops but i don't know it it's wet on the pavement. the bottom line is please reduce your speed and be careful because of the wet weather. it's a 20 minute delay at the toll plaza. little more obvious on the golden gate bridge. the wind shield wipers going and in marin we have slow traffic as well. this is a day it'll be. northbound 101 and 280 looking good so far. we still have slow traffic on the 101 or 280. let's go to steve. >> yes. >> jason in fairfax. it's dumping rain. >> dumping. >> that's what he said. some areas to the north and south we have sun. rain is started, not a lot. only a little bit. this is a weak system but at least we will take any rain we can get. looks like one and a half, one part today and one part
8:11 am
tomorrow and then we may be done for seven to ten days, the 384 hour model. backed off on the under cutting of the ridge which would give us a lot of rain. persistence is the key, after this system it looks sunny and mild. i will get out of the way. windsor, not a lot. also stretching marin had some but looks like most has moved off. berkeley, emoryville and richmond. down to san bruno. into the city over the golden gate. there is a little bit of rain. yesterday was nice, sunny, today will be cloudy to mostly cloudy, some sun breaks but the temperature will drop all the way into friday. the coldest air in about 24 hours and it's upstream. 30s and 40s. 49, there in the 30s yesterday. lot of mid40s. san jose which was 38 i think now at 40 degrees. cloudy in the morning, rain and sun but then we will cloud it up again and the next piece comes in later this afternoon,
8:12 am
tonight into tomorrow and that's when the cold area lives. 50s on the temperatures, they f couple days, cold or much colder that rain will crank up tomorrow. there will be scattered showers but more -- there is a winter weather advisory until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. saturday and sunday looks sunny, especially the mornings and then next week starting on monday sunny and warmer. >> little rain that steve is talking about. california officials are praying for more rain november and december had good rainfall. the east bay utility district had to release water to avoid flooding. they say water levels still good but we could use more rain. >> came into the year with a lot of water, right now we are about 88% in the main reservoir. we have hit a third dryest january on record. >> the district said a few more big storms is all that's needed to maintain current
8:13 am
water levels. > the operators of the drake's bay oyster farm filed a legal appeal to try to stay in business. they operate in drake bay in the national sea shore. the lease on the property ran out last year and the crept of the interior rejected a request for a extense so they have a march 15th deadline to remove all equipment. the farm is asking a judge to let it stay on the land until it's appeal is heard at a trial. there are plans to improve facilities at castle rock state park in santa cruz. a nonprofit reportedly plans to spend $1.5 million on the upgrades. the money would go to add parking, trail heads and a small theater. the plan also calls for relocating the entrance and installing new flushing toilets. the same group donated $250,000 in 2011 to keep the state from closing down that park.
8:14 am
>> iran said its cracked the code of a its spy drone. the video they are showing to back up the claims. >> and a huge blizzard taking aim on new england. problems it could cause and the memories it brings back of another deadly storm. that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. with simple, real ingredients, like roasted peanuts, creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark-chocolate flavor, plus 10 grams of protein, so it's energy straight from nature to you. nature valley protein bars. . weak system coming by. maybe could be a thunderstorm or two, i doubt it but really cold air tonight, tomorrow so
8:17 am
get ready. bundle up. >> really need to bundle up in new england. they are basing for what could be a historic snowstorm. rhode island people are rushing to stock up on extra food and emergenciy supplies. a storm over the great lakes right now is expected to merge with another storm over new england tomorrow. that powerful system will produce high winds and as much as two feet of snow. >> now is the time, get shovels ready, sand, salt, fill your gas tank,. >> hopefully it won't be as bad as in 78. >> what he is referring to is the big blizzard of 78 which hit the northeast 35 years ago today. that storm dumped as much as four and a half feet of snow in some areas and was responsible for the deaths of 100 people. the big blizzards also expected to cause big problems for air travel. forecasters say flight delays and cancellations likely. most airlines allowing people
8:18 am
to reschedule without having to pay a rebooking fee. new york city is dealing an unfor seen problem from hurricane sandy. a rat infeastings. when the subways flooded rats were driven out of their usual habitat and took up new homes inside. people say they have been flooded with calls about rodents in businesses, schools, enlocksy buildings. the weather is not helping the situation because the cold just makes the rats want to stay inside. >> the president's nominee to head the cia is facing confirmation hearing today before the senate intelligence committee. right now he is the president's counter terrorism advisor . he worked for the cia for 25 years. he will be asked about water boarding using armed drones to kill suspected terrorists. new, iran state television broadcasting video of what is claims it got from a united
8:19 am
states spy droo ne. iran said it decoded the drone system. >> reporter: we have been working all morning to confirm iran's claims. we have called the press office,e mailed, so far they remail tight lipped. iran state tv is broadcasting this video claiming it's from the cia spy drone. iran's military said the footage shows an air base in afghanistan and pakistan. they consider the united states a bully using drones to spy on country that want to be left alone. this was the senate is getting a classified document today on how drones are used for targeting specific people. some say that the white house targeted americans overseas without congressional oversight. reports show two americans killed with a drone strike in
8:20 am
2011 were working for al-qaeda. they are finally getting that classified memo today after demanding it for months. earlier this week a group of 11 senators called for the legal justification for targeted killings, especially of americans. >> iran's leaders rejected holing negotiations with the united states and rejected all direct negotiations. they said american threats don't scare them. however they will take part in nuclear negotiations later this month. they involve six world powers, including the united states. russia is rejecting a claim by japan that two russian fighter jets violated japan's air space. the defense ministry said the two jets intruded on their air space for a minute this morning. the russian defense ministry said the jets taking part in a military exercise followed international rules without any
8:21 am
border violations. >> happening right now boston a national transportation safety board is releasing the latest information on its investigation in to the safety problems of the dream liner. they are talking about what they have found about the battery fire on board a japan airline 787 at boston's logan airport on january 7th and a spokeswoman did just say that the agency's investigation shows the batteries voltage did drop unexpectedly. also boeing is working on design changes to its battery that would minimize fire risks. that even though the ntsb said the battery itself is not necessarily unsafe but said that the battery needs more reliable guards. united airline social
8:22 am
security taking the 787 out of its plans for the rest of its month. instead of scheduling the six dream liners it'll use other planes on the routes. they were expected to be used on flights to japan and nigeria. ? and a merger getting closer to reality. a former announcement could come in the next two weeks. the ten billion dollar agreement would create the world's largest airline. >> a ktvu investigation involving karoke and crime. >> the woman who claims there is a lot more than just singing going on at some bay area clubs. >> and light rainfalling in some parts of the bay area. where the streets are getting wet. >> good morning.
8:23 am
westbound 24, a little bitl slowing. between walnut creek. we have a drive time for you.
8:24 am
8:25 am
. a news investigation has found some disturbing information about what's called private room karoke. we have learned there could be a lot more than just singing going on in these rooms.
8:26 am
♪ [ music ] stella is a bay area singer and karoke dj. she took interest in a report about a private room karoke bar in oakland. that bar is suspected of condoning prostitution and other illegal activities. >> i knew it. i knew there were places like this. i had always heard rumors about them. you always wonder are they even open, is it a front. >> reporter: the manager of the bar denied there was anything illegal going on but many cities are taking steps to crack down on private room karoke bars, there are concerns they are havens for prostitution and illegal drug
8:27 am
use. if you have an idea for a special report e-mail us. sent your tips to us at i- reports at >> all right. let's bring sal back. roads are getting wet in some areas and the wind shield wipers are coming on. >> they are. i'm just looking here at the san mateo bridge. we noticed the bridge for some reason has showed down. remember we had that earlier car fire on the span. frying to find out what's going on. we can see it's slow there, driving through, it's maybe a little wet. that car fire that we had earlier is long gone. doesn't look good here. looking at just trying to do a couple things at once. i'm bringing up the chp page and i don't see anything but we will let you know. let's go out and take a look at the drive. westbound bay bridge. that traffic is moving along relatively well, great, the chp traffic page just froze on me. nice work. this is a look at northbound 101 as you drive past the expressway. the traffic is moving along relatively well. northbound 280 traffic is also a little slow but no major
8:28 am
crashes. this is terrible. southbound 880 -- 33 minutes, we started off at about 15, more than double the time getting south right now. let's go to steve. >> have i told you about the fine men and women of the highway patrol? >> you have. we love them here. >> our system is moving in. a couple people -- you think it's the beginning, no, this is a weak system and after friday things look dry on the seven and ten day outlook. everything in the east, whopper of a system. we are getting rain right now. i know mount davidson picking up rain. starting to get rain. a whopper of a system. boston national weather service has said possibly of historic size. they don't mesa round back there. if you have travel plans, you may get in but you may not get out. just letting now it's coming in friday to saturday.
8:29 am
back home, hidden valley, lake port, some rain, winds, not a lot. just a little bit here showing up. there is been some in marin, berkeley, emoryville. over to sunset district. a little bit in the city. also some -- then down toward daley city. not much but we will take anything we can get. 350's 50s on the temperatures. winter weather advisory from ten to ten tomorrow. two to six inches of snow should cover it. saturday looks sunny but windy and cold and breezy and warmer sunday, monday, tuesday and much of next week. sunny and warmer. >> today san francisco's mayor officially steps in to that hot debate over gun control. we will tell you what he is doing today. >> we are live in vallejo at scene of a botched home robbie. three people have been shot. what neighbors are saying about the family. . >> we are live in pebble beach
8:30 am
as. last time we checked in we saw jim harbaugh. we have talked to him since and we will tell you what he is saying. q [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. [ malcrrkkhshziiiizzlllee. to this symphony of flavor:
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beautiful. shhhhshshshshhshshhhhhsshhhshs. gorgeous! here comes the crescendo. kkerrrrbbuuuuuucraaackkk. just...incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven made breakfast. . breaking news from vallejo. three people were shot just hours ago. a brother, a sister and a mother all of them shot during a home invasion. we are there at the scene so what is happening now and what are the neighbors saying? >> reporter: this is just a horrible morning for the three who live inside this home. its light blue and right on the corner. septemberors are inside dusting for fingerprints and looking for clues as to who targeted this house off mcdougal. vallejo police say that two men
8:33 am
broke down the front door around a quarter to four and a woman in her 20s who lives inside heard t she went to see what was going on, she was shot in the land. then the woman's brother came in and he was shot in the face. the victim's mother woke up and she was also shot somewhere on the body . neighbors say they can't believe it. >> there was a burglar up the street a couple months back but -- the people weren't there and nobody got hurt. this one is crazy. i just don't understand it. >> reporter: now the first victim had a nonlife threatening wound. looks like the bullet just grazed her hand. no get away car. they are called a latino and an african american man. the neighbors we spoke to said another brother lives in the house but he was at work at the time. we will keep you updated on the
8:34 am
victim's conditions but if you have information about this crime are you urged to contact police. coming up at noon we spoke to an officer who said drastic cuts in store for the police department come this summer making responding to calls like this one extremely challenging. we will have more on that coming up for you later. live from vallejo. >> now we know the cause of death for a woman whose body was pulled out of a river in the santa cruz area. investigators confirmed she is a 26-year-old guadalupe cortez. the coroner said said she had hypothermia and drowned in the river. she had been swimming with two men on sunday. >> parents and teachers in union city are applauding the school district for installing new safety locks on classroom doors. the new locks let teachers lock doors the inside in the event of a lockdown. classroom doors were also updated with pope holes so --
8:35 am
with peep holes. more than 800 classrooms at 11 schools were outfitted the new locks. >> previously what happened was hu to open the door, go out, lock it and then come in. that is not pretty safe. >> the district decided to make security changes last summer long before december's shooting in connecticut. the administrators say the upgrades cost a half million dollars. >> this morning san francisco mayor will join los angeles mayor at the state capitol campaigning for state senate proposals to reduce gun violence. the senate president protem will join them. in other news, san francisco's supervisor introduced a resolution on tuesday for the city's retirement board to stop investing in companies that make guns and ammunition.
8:36 am
they have about $900,000 invested in weapons companies. los angeles and napa are taking similar steps. >> i think divestment from the gun maker who are in large part driving the commitment that people feel for guns, will send a strong message. >> los angeles and napa are taking similar steps, new york and chicago are also redirecting there resources. supervisor's gun control resolution will be up for a vote on tuesday. today democrats in the house of representatives will reveal their ideas for reducing gun violence. it's a plan similar to one proposed by the president last month that includes banning assault weapons, banning high capacity magazine was more than ten rounds, background checks for all gun sales, and also measures to prohibit gun trafficking.
8:37 am
>> happening now the first golfers are teeing off at pebble beach. we showed you jim harbaugh and matt caine. let's go to claudine to see if anyone else is hitting the links. >> reporter: good morning. since we last saw you we talked to jim harbaugh and a couple others. he said he is taking a break -- to come out and what a beautiful day to do it. he is a regular out here as are many of the stars, andy garcia just teed off. we did expect rain today. it looks like it may hold off for another day and nobody is complaining about that. let's talk about jim harbaugh. he was nice enough to stop and talk to us and he said he hasn't picked up i club in a year. he was out here last year. it's got to be tough coming out. he said there is a lot of 49er
8:38 am
fans who have shown support but the super bowl is still on his mind. >> kind of that -- half full, half empty feeling, whatever, glass half full -- half full. >> yeah. but, yeah, hurts. there is a bitter disappointment but it's a new day and we are going ahead. >> reporter: hopefully he has a good day. from football to baseball you can have a baseball rivalry on a golf course of course. we talked to matt about being out here. he is a regular out here and justin verlander is out here now. you can bet they are eyeing each other at this golf tournament. verlander down there? >> i did. looks like he swings it really well. >> reporter: will you be watching how well he does? >> i will. i probably will. it'll probably be fun. if he ma think i will be upset. >> reporter: he said he will be watching your swing today. >> oh boy, starting that
8:39 am
already. >> reporter: you watching him? >> yeah a friendly competition, of course i am. we have to play for bragging rights. >> reporter: we talked a lot about the stars out here because that's why a lot of people are out here. if you like golf or not it's just a fun event. there is very serious golf going on out here on some of the most beautiful courses in the world. phil mickelson called the course here one of his favorites in the world which says a lot from him. we calm back -- we come back out live to the driving range and everybody is warming up and getting warm because it's pretty cold. charlie, also came in second last year so looking for a good performance from him. you know just a really beautiful day. really a great event. everybody who said they are out here they say they come out, we get out the time because you can't beat a tournament like this in terms of just the views, the courses, the way
8:40 am
they are treated and for fans you never really get up close to all your favorites from whether it's the baseball field, the football field or the big screen. this is a really special day. live here. >> you mentioned the crowds, i'm guessing there may be still tickets available at least for today and tomorrow but the weekend usually gets crowded. >> reporter: it does but usually you have no problem coming in. they are spreading on three different courses. they have this course which is the a list and that's the busiest but there are two other courses that are playing that are great and some people you know like to walk around where it's not so crazy and crowded. here you look and you can see there are some people over here but not a lot. they say it's a little harder for the crowd to get all the way up here on the first day just because of where the shuttles drop off and things like that. when we see it at spy glass it's a different situation and the crowds are bigger. it goes through the weekend so they change but it's -- it's a
8:41 am
nice event to come and just walk the course. as long as the weather holds out. >> absolutely. looks beautiful. thank you. here is a look at some of the famous pairings teeing off later today. wayne gretzky. bill murray at 9:17, always full of surprises, ray romano and huey louis will play at 10:12. looking like a great day for golf. >> it'll be fun. >> yeah. would be. >> sal said it's no fun on the san mateo bridge. what is happening? >> it's terrible. just bad day. looking for a crash, there wasn't one. there was an early easterly problem. looks like there could be something. the chp, their system hasn't said anything but i would avoid the bridge at this point. westbound, now -- eastbound at the high-rise earlier there was a car fire. that's long gone. the westbound is terrible.
8:42 am
now just -- i'm looking at -- i just can't find anything. there is something on the sign, it says something there. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge which could be the alternate. now that its been a bit of rain in the bay area, the traffic is slowing down. this is a 30 minute plus delay. not usual for this but that's what you have. bart by the way we checked, they are doing okay. if you are driving over to san mateo look at the traffic here. we have 20 minutes 30, from 380 to 92. that's about triple the time that normally takes and if you are in the south bay we have slow traffic as well. >> thank you. our system has arrived. it's not that strong but we are getting a little bit of rain. this is only our 4th rain of the year. there is not much to this system, a lot of cold air and some wind. vallejo with some rain. redwood shores starting to get
8:43 am
rain. just -- it looks like some of this has moved off into wake county, they said partly cloudly and cold up at clear lake. take you around the area. clear lake looks like on the back edge of that. parts of lake county and then as it moves east also there to northern napa, the park, starting to get rain, not a lot. there is just a little amount. good totals briefly but doesn't last long. richmond and berkeley. the radar beam sweeping through there, also in the marina district, sunset, bayview, heading over to san francisco. mike said i turn add round and looked and there we go. cold air the bigger story. it starts today. it'll bottom out on friday and then everything will slowly warm up in to the weekend. it'll be windy and cool to cold. tahoe snow today, about two to six inches of snow. snow showers friday. truckee single digits on the
8:44 am
low part sunday but the days will be nice e. 50s on the temperatures, upper 40s. a report of snow mix -- it's all gone by the weekend. >> all right. thank you. there have been two more shootings related to the search for accused police killer. new information in the manhunt for the expolice officer suspected of shooting three police officers earlier this morning. >> and pam cook will be here to tell us about the big party that's planned right on the new bay bridge. [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar
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. stocks slumping on wall street suggesting the rally that had pushed index, section may have run its course. a taking a live look the dow down 132, the nasdaq down 29, s and p down 11. san francisco's mayor wans to bring more high tech jobs to the city. the mayor said unnamed private business partners will help him
8:48 am
make sure the city benefits the current tech boom. he has launched a high tech work force training initiative and now plans to form public private, partnerships. he said tech companies have promised to increase hiring in the city if more people are better trained. >> our time is now 8:46. let's bring you up to date on other top stories. a brother, a sister and a mother all shot and wounded during a home invasion. this happened in vallejo this morning. police say two men forced their way in to the house about 4:00 a.m. so far no art arrests have been made. firefighters were busy investigating the early morning house fire. it happened in the rose garden neighborhood. started about 1:30. the house was empty. a lot of damage but nobody was hurt. police say a double murder
8:49 am
suspect, a former lapd officer, shot three police officers this morning and since then police have said they shot two people saying they were involved, brian flores has all the new details, this is a very fluid story. >> no question about that. good morning. that shooting may be accidental as la police officers may be on edge because this suspect is still on the loose. the intensity of the manhunt is not just specific to southern california. multiple law enforcement actions throughout the state have issued a blue alert that let them know -- it could be anywhere. this is the latest picture released of the suspect. a former la police officer fired back in september of 2008 for misconduct and making false statements. he is also a former navy reservist and trained sniper who was let go because of misconduct also. he is a accused of killing
8:50 am
monica quan and her fiance. quan is the daughter of retired former police captain and later attorney randall quan. he represented the suspect in a hearing on his misconduct but he fired any way. in a manifesto online he blamed quan for his firing. that also detailed he would target lapd officers and their families and that may have led to monica and her fiance being killed. he was reportedly seen in san diego where he tried to steal a boat from an elderly man but was unsuccessful and this morning a man found his bag and wallet with his identification near the airport. this morning two lapd officers first confronted him at the newton division in riverside. one officer was grazed by a bullet and will be okay but later two officers were ambushed. he opened fire, one of them is dead, another is in critical
8:51 am
condition. >> extremely tense. obviously we call this a manhunt. we are looking at all avenues to identity where he may be, we are he may be going and when we do that we appreciate it cautionly. >> the police are on high alert. we have learned officers fired on a car matching the suspect's car but there was no connection totman hunt. two people in the car were taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. those officers mentioned in that manifesto are under guarded police protection. another news conference is scheduled at ten. live in the newsroom. brian flores. >> all right. our team is 8:49, a california sheriff substation became a crime scene yesterday when a man said he killed his ex-wife. deputies in imperial beach arrested a man who the 50th,
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
800,000 people headed to the bridge to walk across, about 300,000 made it on, enough to flatten. there was no walk on the gate when it turned 75. bay bridge just about one month from now, march 5th it'll start taking attention. that's when that light show will happen. like the grand opening celebration will be funded private donations and the alliance is still looking for sponsors. they need four to five million dollars for the event set for labor day weekend. >> hard to believe. . >> the split even though he was handcuffed. >> good morning. the -- 24 drive not looking
8:56 am
that great under wet weather. westbound 24 between walnut creek and oakland slowing down. we will show you other east bay drives coming up. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
8:57 am
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. san jose police still searching for a probation violater who escaped while he was being arrested. anthony sanchez was arrested yesterday afternoon about 3:30. he is physically a large man and police used two sets of
8:59 am
handcuffs linked together. police say while they were doing the paperwork sanchez moved the handcuffs, he hopped into the driver's seat of a police van and drove away. the van was later found. >> concern you he was wanted? >> no. i have a bat. i'm pretty sure i can take care of it. >> police say he is wanted on drug related warrants. he is 32, latino, 5'8'' to 5'10'', weighing between 250 and 275 pounds. he was last seen wearing black sweat pants and a gray shirt. >> the bridge is improving a bit but not much and suddenly we have had heavy traffic. it's moving better than it was but not moving well. the south ba


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